How to Become DITO Retailer - DITO SALES PARTNER

Join the DITO Sales Partner program to start making money from the sale of DITO products! It's easy to become a DITO Sales Partner or retailer. To help you get started, here is a simple guide:

How to Become DITO Retailer

1. Register your DITO SIM as Sales Partner:

Go to to register your DITO SIM number and provide personal information.

2. Verify your registration:

You'll receive a one-time password (OTP) via SMS. Enter this code to complete your DITO Sales Partner registration.

3. Download the DSCM app:

Download and install the DSCM app from Google Play or Huawei App Gallery.

4. Login to the DSCM app:

Use your DITO number to log in to the DSCM app. You'll then receive an SMS verification code to confirm your identity.

5. Set up your MPIN:

To Complete the registration, you'll need to create a unique MPIN to within the DSCM app. DITO will send you an SMS confirmation once your MPIN is set.

6. Start selling!

With your DSCM app ready, you can now reload DITO SIMs, sell new DITO SIM cards, and manage your sales activity – all conveniently from your smartphone!

Joining as a DITO Sales Partner opens up exciting opportunities to be part of the expanding DITO network and grow your earnings.

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