APN Settings List Philippines - Access Point Names

This list contains the best online APN settings in the Philippines which can be used by any device that has connection to the internet. The APN settings can be modified manually by entering the APN settings into the mobile phone's network settings menu.

1. Magic APN Settings For All Networks

Magic APN Settings is a powerful access point name that can make your mobile internet connection faster than ever before and it has been tested on many devices and works well on almost any Android phone.

2. Low Ping APN Settings

Try to use these apn settings if you have problems with lag while playing games online. If you’re looking for APN settings to reduce down your ping for online type games then this list is what you need. These are APN Settings that will lower the ping by up to 15-20 percent.

3. Fast APN Globe and TM

These Globe/TM APN Settings are designed to give the fastest possible connection for your device. It is optimized access point names for the usage of Globe and TM internet.

4. Fast APN for Smart TNT SUN

This listing of access point names will help you identify the best method to configure your internet connection for Smart, TNT and SUN users. You can use these APN settings when your usual APN is slow.

5. Best APN For GOMO

This is a brief explanation written by one of the major developers on this site, based upon our own experience these APN settings is ideal for GOMO users.

6. Top Universal APN

These are the list of fast and excellent top universal APN settings that works on any networks and mobile devices.

7. Top Global APN

These are the popular and mostly used fast APN settings. I'm sure there are good APN Settings choices that is suitable for your device.

8. 5g APN Settings

Try to use these updated 5g APN settings on your 5g compatible devices. Don't just rely on your default access point name.

9. Fast Japan APN

The APN Settings for Japan Server is a software that can be used to change your internet service provider (ISP) to work with the Japanese servers.

10. Smart Rocket SIM APN

This APN Settings is only for Smart Rocket SIM subscribers.

11. Fast APN

This is a Secret Fast APN settings for all networks which enables your internet connection to be faster.

12. Fast Gaming APN - Anti Lag 

There's a ton of other amazing, highly specific APN that you can try on your smartphone for online games.

13. Fast APN For DITO

Here you can see the list of fast apn settings for DITO users here in the Philippines. Thanks to that, they seem to have much more reliable internet connection.

14. Best APN For PLDT Wifi

These are the recommended apn settings for your PLDT WIFI network. These will make you to be able access on a fast-way connection, and therefore remain using these APN connected.

15. Best Airtel APN

AirTel APN Settings are described as the combination of three numbers that are needed to connect your mobile device to the internet using an access point name (APN). These three numbers are your APN username, password, and area code.

16. Anti-Blocking APN

Your Internet Connection can get blocked or banned from specific servers. This is the best APN to avoid the blocking of internet connection. 

Hoping that you find the perfect APN Settings configuration that is compatible for your device, network and location.

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