Is DITO Fast? My Personal and Honest Review

DITO promises fast internet connection with its 5G network. DITO networks offers that users can experience internet speeds of up to 500Mbps. But are those speeds actually possible in everyday life? 

In this review, I'll share my personal experience with DITO's internet speed and other factors to help you decide if DITO is right for you.

Testing DITO's Speed in the Real Life

Here's the internet speed test of DITO 5G that I conducted in Baguio City. Take a look at the image above. I tried out two well-known speed test websites: and
  • This test showed a download speed of 410Mbps.
  • Here, I got a download speed of 544Mbps, upload speed of 52.2Mbps, and ping of 25Mbps.

Is DITO 5G Good For Gaming?

Absolutely! With download speeds exceeding 400Mbps and a low ping of 25ms, DITO should provide a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.

Is It Worth it to Try DITO?

Yes, DITO is worth it for everyone; maybe not as your main SIM since DITO is not yet accessible nationwide, but because not many people use the DITO network, you are truly enjoying the fast internet connection.

Personal Revie: Why I Use DITO as My Third SIM?

Since coverage isn't nationwide, DITO might be a better choice as a secondary or third SIM. Here's some DITO advantages to consider:
  • Cheaper Promos: Their promos are generally cheaper compared to other networks. I usually get the DATA SACHET 10 which is affordable and lasts me a day. (P.S. I understand, hindi po lahat mayaman! Kaya goods to para sa atin na nagtititpid.)
  • Faster Internet: Since I use WIFI at home, I always use DITO outdoors for a faster and more reliable internet connection.

Remember, my experience is based on Baguio City. Your results might vary depending on your location and promo.

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