Fix Smart/TNT, Globe/TM/GOMO, DITO NO Signal - No Service

It can be very annoying when we look at our phone and notice that the signal indicator displays No Signal or No Service. What could be causing the network signal issues for Smart, TNT, Globe, TM, GOMO, and DITO? And how can we resolve this problem?

Possible Reason of No Signal

  • Network Outages: Check for any reported maintenance or outages in your region. If there is maintenance going on in your area, you can get an SMS text message about it or you can check the network's social media pages for updates.
  • Power Outage: It's very common for you to lose signal if there's a power outage in your area. This happens because cell towers rely on electricity to operate.
  • Phone Problem: It's possible that there may be an issue with your phone. Maybe it was dropped or exposed to water, which might be affecting its ability to receive a signal.
  • SIM Card Issue: It's possible that your SIM card isn't correctly positioned on your device, or it could be dirty, or maybe it's just really old.
  • SIM Block: This may happen to you if you're doing bad activities on the network, like bypassing promos, VPN trick, your sim card may be blocked.
  • Deactivated SIM: Since we must register our SIM card here in the Philippines, your sim might be deactivated if you don't register it, and the network service will not continue. 

How to Fix No Signal or NO Service

These are some simple troubleshooting tips to help you fix the issue of having no signal in the network:

1. Restart the Device

Restarting your phone can usually fix any temporary issues that might be affecting your network.

2. Check Your SIM Card

Eject the SIM card, gently clean the contacts with a dry cloth, and re-insert it correctly.

3. Contact Customer Service

If you think your SIM card is blocked, you may need more assistance. Contact your network's customer service hotline or online support for help:

4. Use the Default APN

It's best to stick with the default APN settings on your device to avoid any issues with signal loss or no service. Using multiple Access Point Names can sometimes cause these problems.

These are the default APN Settings for your Network:

5. Upgrade Phone Device

Certain networks may not be compatible with older devices, like the DITO network. This is because DITO relies on 4G/LTE and 5G connections, which are only available on newer device models.

6. Wait for the Solution

Since it's not our duty to fix this, all we need to do is wait whether network maintenance or power outages are the reason of the NO SIGNAL.


Understanding and following these troubleshooting tips will help you understand why your device isn't receiving a signal and how to simply fix it.

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