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Smart, TNT, Globe, Tm or any any network might block your SIM. There are many reasons why they're blocking their users and the main reason is bypassing their connection to get unlimited internet in using VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Anti-Blocking APN Trick Tutorial

You can use these apn settings with any kind gadgets and phones like android, iPhone and tablets.

In this tutorial I will teach you on how to use APN Trick to prevent your SIM from getting blocked by the network.

This trick will work on all networks like Smart, Talk 'N Text (TNT), Globe, Tm.

APN Settings Trick Tutorial

1. First, go to to your APN Settings.

2. On your APN Settings, create a new APN.

3. Fill up the APN with:
Name: anyname
APN Type: default
Port: 3128

Just follow the tutorial and do not change the others then save.

Enjoy your unlimited internet without getting blocked. 

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  1. Working na working po ba to sir

  2. working pa ba sya sir? hanggang ngayon? kasi na block na dalawa kong sim

  3. Nagana pa po ba ito??ilang gb per days?

  4. Ano Po available GTM no load

  5. Page gumamit kayo ng free internet connect kayo ng vpn tapos disconnect
    Matapos nyong idisconnect

    icheck ninyon Ang inyong roaming kung nag active Ang inyong roaming malapit na kayo ng mablock. Dapat I off niyo yong inyong roaming para Hindi kayo mablock kahit overused na kayo

    1weak na Ako using free internet

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