Question: Can I Load Gomo Using Regular Load?

Is Regular Load Compatible with Gomo?

The short answer is no, you cannot load a Gomo SIM card with regular load. Gomo operates on a promo-based system, meaning you need to choose and purchase one of their available promos for data, calls, or texts. These promos are called "Magic Data" and "Unli Data and Others."

How to Reload Gomo SIM:

Topping up your Gomo SIM is easy and can be done through various methods:
  • Gomo App: The official Gomo app is the most convenient way to browse and purchase promos.
  • GCash: Link your Gomo account with GCash for easier in-app reloads.
  • Other E-wallets: Many popular e-wallets like Maya and Shopee App allow Gomo reloads.

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