How to Register GOMO Unlimited Data Promo - Philippines

GOMO's Unli Data Promo for 30 Days is a great choice if you want a reliable and affordable data promo that will keep you connected for a whole month. This UNLI DATA mobile data package offers unlimited data up to 5mbps for a price of P699 (price may vary depending on the availability).

UNLI DATA Promo for 30 Days Details:

  • Validity: 30 days
  • Mobile Data: Unlimited Data up to 5mbps
  • Price: 699 Pesos (price may vary)

How to Register GOMO SIM Unli Data for 30 Days

Step 1. Open your GOMO App and click the "SHOP" button.

Step 2. Click "Data Offers" then check if the UNLI DATA promo is available

Step 3. Click "BUY" button to register the Unli Data promo.

Step 4. Pay the promo with your preferred Payment Method.

Step 5. After paying, you will be notified that you successfully registered the UNLI DATA promo.


Remember that you can only register for the Unli Data Promo if it's available in the GOMO app as a Flash Deal. Also, GOMO only allows you to register for this promo once a month, so make sure to follow their social media accounts to be updated on when the next Unli Data Promo will become available.

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