Question: Is Smart Rocket SIM Reloadable? - Philippines

Some users who have purchased the Smart Rocket SIM are unsure if they can reload their new Smart Rocket SIM or buy a new Smart Rocket SIM once the promo offer included in the SIM expires.

Is Smart Rocket SIM Reloadable?

Yes, the smart rocket sim is reloadable. This means you can reload your mobile data and keep enjoying the internet without needing a new SIM card.

Here are some convenient ways to reload your Smart Rocket SIM:
  1. Smart App (formerly GigaLife App): The official app for all your Smart needs, the Smart App allows you to load up your Rocket SIM with just a few taps. Download it for free on App Store or Google Play and manage your data with ease.
  2. GCash App: This popular e-wallet is not just for sending money and paying bills. You can also reload your Smart Rocket SIM directly through the GCash app, making it a one-stop shop for all your digital needs.
  3. MAYA App: Another popular e-wallet, allows you to easily reload your Smart Rocket SIM.

And that's it! You can continue using your Smart Rocket SIM and never run out of data for browsing, streaming, and keeping connected with these reloading choices.

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