What Does Unli TRINET Calls Mean in Smart, TNT, and SUN

Smart, TNT, and SUN (now SMART) have a promo inclusion called UNLI Trinet Calls. If you register on a promo that includes Unli Trinet Calls and don't know what it means, you'll find out in this blog article.

What is TRINET Calls in Promo?

The Unli TRINET Calls promo is an exclusive offer from Smart, TNT, and SUN Cellular. It allows subscribers make unlimited calls to users on any of these three networks. If you have an active Unli TRINET Calls promo, you can make calls to your friends, family, or colleagues who are using Smart, TNT, or SUN.

Sample Promos with TRINET

Here are some of the promos with the inclusion of TRINET:
  • SUN SSP Promos
  • TNT TU Promos
  • TNT CTC Promos
  • Smart UCT Promos
  • Smart/SUN AOS Promos

Remember that the TRINET in Smart/TNT is not all networks, only exclusively for Smart, TNT, and SUN network.

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