What Does Shareable DATA Mean in Smart and TNT

So, shareable data is basically the mobile internet data that comes with your Smart or TNT promo package and can be shared with others. You can share your data with your fam, friends, or even co-workers who use Smart or TNT. This cool feature lets everyone use mobile data without having to get their own data plan.

If you wanna share your mobile data, you need at least 50MB left in your data plan. Once you've met this requirement, you can share some mobile data with other Smart or TNT subscribers so they can use it for their own internet matters.

Popular promos that offer shareable data include the POWER ALL Promos, GIGA POWER Promos, and ALL DATA Promos. These promos not only provide you with a generous data allocation for your personal use but also allow you to share a portion of it with others.

Can I Use My Shareable Data For Myself?

People often wonder if they can use their shareable data for personal use. Yes! If you signed up for a promo with shareable data, you can use your mobile data for your own internet use. You can choose to share your internet mobile data or keep it to yourself.

In conclusion, Smart and TNT customers now have a feature called "shareable data" that lets them share their mobile internet data with other people. It adds a new level of convenience and flexibility to promo packages, so users can get the most out of their data and share the benefits with their friends and family.

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