What Does Shareable DATA Mean in Smart and TNT

Shareable data is a feature offered by Smart and TNT that allows you to share your mobile internet data with other Smart or TNT subscribers. This means you can help your family, friends, or colleagues stay connected even if they're running low on data.

Requirements for Sharing Data:

  • You need to be subscribed to a mobile data promo that has shareable data.
  • You must have at least 50MB of data remaining in your promo to share.

Promos with Shareable Data

Popular promos that offer shareable data include the POWER ALL Promos, GIGA POWER Promos, and ALL DATA Promos. These promos not only provide you with a generous data allocation for your personal use but also allow you to share a portion of it with others.

Can I Use My Shareable Data For Myself?

People often wonder if they can use their shareable data for personal use. Yes! If you signed up for a promo with shareable data, you can use your mobile data for your own internet use. You can choose to share your internet mobile data or keep it to yourself.


Smart and TNT customers can now enjoy the convenience of sharing their mobile internet data with others with the "shareable data" feature.

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