Does Smart UNLI DATA Promos Has Capping: is it unlimited data?

If you've recently registered for Smart/TNT or PLDT UNLI Data Promos, you might find yourself wondering if these UNLI Data promos truly offer unlimited data without any capping

Understanding UNLI Data Promos

UNLI Data promos have gained significant popularity among mobile users due to their promise of unlimited data access. These promos, by Smart/TNT and PLDT, provide users with the freedom to browse the internet, stream videos, and engage in various online activities without worrying about exhausting their data limits.

According to the official website of Smart (, subscribers of UNLI DATA 799 and UNLI FAM 1199 are entitled to enjoy unlimited SD resolution video streaming with a minimum speed of 48kbps and 80% reliability. Additionally, these promos boast a maximum speed of up to 42 Mbps.

Reports of Capping in Smart Unli Data 299 Promo

Despite the claims of unlimited data, there have been reports from customers regarding data capping in the Smart Unli Data 299 promo. Data capping refers to a practice where the internet service provider imposes limitations on data usage once a certain threshold is reached. This means that even though the promo is marketed as unlimited, there might be hidden restrictions that come into play when users consume excessive amounts of data.

The reports from Smart Unli Data 299 subscribers suggest that when users utilize a significant amount of internet data, Smart may detect this and potentially control or cap their data usage. This raises concerns about the true nature of unlimited data and whether these promos truly offer the freedom they promise.

But there are some reports from customers that Smart Unli Data 299 has a capping Due to High Data Usage. This means if you use too much internet data with UNLI DATA promo, Smart may detect this and they might control or cap your data usage.


In conclusion, while Smart/TNT and PLDT UNLI Data Promos claim to offer unlimited data, there are reports from customers suggesting the presence of data capping, particularly in the Smart Unli Data 299 promo. 

It is important for subscribers to be aware of the terms and conditions provided by Smart/TNT and understand any fair usage policies that might be in place. Factors such as network congestion and device compatibility can also impact data usage and speed. To ensure an optimal data experience, it is recommended to monitor data consumption, optimize streaming settings, and manage expectations regarding data speeds. 

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