How to Load SatLite Using Regular Load via Pasaload

Pasaload is the fastest way to load your SatLite TV using your prepaid regular load so you can keep watching your favorite TV channels. In this article, we will show you how to pasaload your SatLite TV using your Smart, TNT, SUN regular load.

Requirements on Loading SatLite Using Regular Load via Pasaload

These are the requirements to be able to Pasaload your SateLite TV:
  • You must use SMART/TNT/SUN phone number
  • Regular Load
  • P1 Transaction Fee

How to Load SatLite Using Regular Load via Pasaload - Smart/TNT/SUN

Before you can proceed to Pasaload your SatLite TV, you must first know your SatLite TV Account Number.

Step 1: Open your Phone Messaging App.

Step 2: Type PASALOAD<space><SatLite Account Number><SatLite Promo Keyword> then send to 808

Example: PASALOAD 91986422 CGLSL99 send to 808

SatLite Load Promo Keyword:

SatLite Promo Validity:
  • SL10 - 3 Days
  • SL15 - 3 Days
  • SL25 - 3 Days
  • CGLSL49 - 30 Days
  • CGLSL99 - 30 Days
  • PPV149 - 30 Days
  • CGLSL199 - 30 Days
  • SL299 - 30 Days
  • SL499 - 30 Days

Step 3: Wait for the Pasaload confirmation. This transaction requires 1 Peso Load.

The Confirmation Message will looks like this:
12-May 06:15:09123456789 has transferred Load99 to 91986422. Pls check the Cignal Account after 5 minutes. Ref: 290548053626

By following the steps in this article, you can easily pasaload your SatLite TV and stay connected to your favorite TV shows.

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