How to Load SatLite TV Using MAYA App (PayMaya) - Tutorial

If you want an easy way to load your SatLite TV, the Maya App (PayMaya) is the way to go. With this app, you can load your SatLite TV account quickly and easily without having to use the web loading tool.

Load SatLite TV Using MAYA App - PayMaya

Before you proceed in loading your SatLite TV, you should know first your SatLite TV Account Number to be able to load your SatLite TV.

Step 1: Open your Maya App then Login.

Step 2: Click the Load button then choose Entertainment.

Step 3: Choose SatLite then click your preferred SatLite Load Promo.

SatLite Load Promos:
Step 4: Enter your SatLite Account Number then click Continue button.

Step 5: Pay with your Maya Wallet or Maya Credit to complete the transaction.

Step 6: Wait at least 5 minutes for the load to reflect on you SatLite TV. 

With the Maya App (PayMaya), loading your SatLite TV account has never been easier. By doing these simple steps, you can load your SatLite TV account number quickly and easily so you can continue watching TV shows right away. You can choose the best SatLite Load Promo for your needs.

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