How to Pay DIGIDO Loan Using GCash App Tutorial

DIGIDO makes it easy for people in the Philippines to get loans online. DIGIDO lets you get the amount of money you want in just a few steps. Plus, you can easily pay your loans in DIGIDO thru GCash Bill payment.

Learn How to Pay Your DIGIDO Loans Using GCash App

Step 1. Open your GCash App and select "Bills".

Step 2. Tap the "Loans" button.

Step 3. Scroll down then select "Digido Finance Corp."

Step 4. Enter your personal information and the amount that you are going to pay:
  • Lifetime ID
  • Borrowers Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address (optional)
  • Amount (PHP)

Step 5. Then tap "Confirm." You will receive a GCash bill payment receipt and an SMS confirmation of the transaction.

With GCash Bills Payment, you can easily repay your loans in DIGIDO to avoid future penalties.

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