Globe MIMO Antenna V4 18dbi Specs: LTE 4G Outdoor Antenna

If your WiFi modem or router can't get a signal from the cell tower, you can use an external antenna like a MIMO V4 18dbi Antenna to boost the signal and get a strong and fast internet connection. This outdoor antenna will act as a bridge to connect your wifi modem or router to a strong signal from the cell tower.

Globe MIMO Antenna V4 18dbi Specs:

  • FREQUENCY: 1700-2700mHz
  • Maximum Upload Speed: 1-49 MBPS
  • Maximum Download Speed: 1-150 MBPS
  • CABLE: 15 meters
  • SIZE: 165x155x50mm
  • NET WEIGHT: 1.26kg

How Does Globe MIMO Antenna Works

These are the important and useful features of this external antenna:
  • Works with Multiple Devices: This antenna is compatible with Huawei B525s-65A, B315, B890, B310, B593, B135s routers, and any LTE modem router that has an external antenna port. 
  • Boosts Signal Strength: This Globe MIMO Antenna V4 18dbi antenna can receive more signal from the cell tower that will make your internet faster and more stable.
  • Good for Remote Areas: This antenna is perfect for those who live outside the city because of its capability to receive signals even if you're far from the cell tower.

The Globe MIMO Antenna V4 18dbi is a perfect product to boosting your internet connection. With this antenna, you can enjoy faster browsing, streaming, and downloads.


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