How To Load Cignal TV Using GCash App Tutorial | Updated

This is a new updated guide on how to use the GCash app to load your CIGNAL TV. But make sure you have money in your GCash before you continue this method in order to load your CIGNAL TV.

How To Load Cignal TV Using GCash

1. Open your GCash App.

2. Click LOAD button > NON TELCO > click Visit NON Telco Load.

3. Under the NON TELCO, enter your phone number that will recieve the PIN > click PAYTV.

4. Under PAYTV, choose your desired CIGNAL Prepaid Load then Pay

5. After paying, you will be receiving the PIN to the phone number that you provided via SMS and then copy the PIN.

7. Enter your Cignal Account Number and paste the PIN.

8. Type the text from the image, then click SUBMIT. Wait at least 3–5 minutes for the load to apply to your CIGNAL TV.

Here is a short video showing you how to load your CIGNAL TV with GCash App:

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