Smart FAM SIM vs Rocket SIM: Which is Better?

Are you thinking about getting a new SIM? But you can't decide between buying a Smart Rocket SIM or a Smart FAM SIM.

Smart FAM SIM vs Smart Rocket SIM

So, which is better and more suitable for my WiFi and mobile devices, Smart Rocket SIM or Smart FAM SIM?


SMART ROCKET SIM is more suitable for individual users and it is preferable to use with Smart Bro Pocket WiFi  or any other open line Pocket WiFi router and any tablet and smartphone.

Yes, you can only use the Smart Rocket SIM on smartphones, tablets, and pocket wifi's.


The Smart FAM SIM card is intended to be used with the Smart Bro Home WiFi modem. It is preferred to use on a modem or router for the whole family to use.

Smart Bro Home Wifi FAM SIM can be used in any prepaid Home Wifi device or modem, but it is not compatible with smartphones and other mobile devices.

PLDT Home WiFi is now Smart Bro Home WiFi. Smart Communications upgraded the PLDT Home Wifi to Smart Bro Home Wifi.

Both the Smart FAM SIM and the Smart Rocket SIM connect to the internet fast and don't have any limits. It doesn't have a speed limit, so you don't have to worry about your internet being slow.


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