How To Make Globe At Home Wifi Faster: 18dbi MIMO Antenna

Does your Globe Prepaid/Postpaid Wifi modem have a weak signal and a slow internet connection? Do you live in the province and your Globe modem cannot receive a good signal?

Make Globe At Home Wifi Modem Faster with 18dbi Mimo Antenna

You can now make your Globe Wifi modem gets a better signal so you can get a better internet connection by using an 18dbi mimo external antenna internet booster.

  • MODEL: 18dbi MIMO Antenna
  • Maximum Upload Speed: 1-49 MBPS
  • Maximum Download Speed: 1-150 MBPS

Here's a video tutorial on how to use and install an 18dbi mimo external antenna on your Globe Prepaid or Postpaid Wifi.

Don't worry because 18dbi mimo antenna is cheap and affordable.

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