How To Hunt Payload For HTTP Injector Tutorial Hacks And Tricks

Maybe you're here because you are searching for working payload for HTTP Injector that has a high speed internet connection and no capping.

How To Hunt And Search Working Payload For HTTP Injector

For this tutorial, let you learn about how to create a payload and on how to find working payload for HTTP Injector  for sun, smart, globe, tm SIM.

Don't you worry because you will find the best payload for HTTP Injector that is working for your favorite promo.

What Is The Use Of HTTP Injector Payload?

The Payload is the important formula and useful tool in order to access to the internet. It unblocks the sites that your promo is blocking.

Example, if your promo is Facebook base your internet access is only for Facebook sites and you can't access to other sites, same if you have YouTube promo and other promos.

Step by Step Tutorial On How To Hunt Working Payload

2. If your promo is YouTube base, then type and if your promo is Facebook base, therefore type, same with other promos. Type it in the search box, then search. 

After searching, you'll see a list of sites that your promo can access to it. Now, you have to check a site if it is working or not.

From the list, copy a site that you want to check.

4. Go to

In the search box, paste the link that you get from and click search.

After that, you'll see the results of the sites that you search.

The results may be error, 404, 403, 302, 200 and more. If the result is 200 it means the site can be used as working payload.

Next, you can now use that site as a payload generator on HTTP Injector. Some payloads needs a right mixture (tamang timpla) in order to connect.

Just play Payload Configuration in order to set the right setting for you to get connected.

If you're a beginner and don't know how to make an ssh account there is a tutorial for you- HTTP Injector One Month Tutorial.


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