How To Create HTTP Injector One Month SSL Configuration Tutorial

Are you spending too much money in your data MB package? Now don't worry because you will learn how to create an HTTP Injector SSL Account for unlimited browsing, streaming, downloading, and surfing.

How To Create HTTP Injector One Month SSL Account Configuration 

1. Go to

2. Click menu bar, select 'SSH Server' > SSH/TLS 30 days server.

3. Choose any server and click 'Create Account'.

4. Fill up the username, password, then solve the captcha and click 'Create'.

5. After successfully creating an account, open HTTP Injector app.

6. Check 'DNS' and 'Start SSH'.

7. Click 'Tunnel Type' and choose 'Secure Shell' and 'SSL (stunnel)'.

8. Go to 'SSH Settings'.

9. Uncheck 'Secure Shell (SSH)'.

10. Under 'SSH Tunnel Settings' and 'Account Information', copy and paste the 'IP Host Server, 'Port', 'Username', and 'Password' from the account that you have created in

11. Check 'Data Compression'.

12. Go back to HTTP Injector home page and click 'Server Name Indication (SNI)'.

13. On 'SNI', set your 'Payload' or working payload for your SIM promo and no load payload then 'SAVE'.

14. Click 'START' to connect.


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