Could Smart Unli 5G Data Work on 4G Phone?

Many Smart and TNT subscribers wonder if Smart's UNLI 5G data promo is worth it if they are using a 4G phone. The good news is, YES, you can use Smart UNLI 5G data promos on your 4G phone! However, there are slight differences depending on the specific promo you choose.

Understanding UNLI 5G with Extra Data vs. UNLI 5G with Non-Stop Data

Smart offers different types of UNLI 5G data promos:
  • UNLI 5G DATA WITH EXTRA 4G (UNLI 5G DATA 599): This promo provides unlimited data access on Smart's 5G network. However, if you're connected to a 4G signal, you'll only be able to use the included extra data (12GB). Once the extra data is consumed, your internet access will stop, and you can't access the unli data on your 4G device.
  • UNLI 5G WITH NON-STOP DATA: This promo is the perfect choice for users with 4G phones. It offers unlimited data regardless of whether you're connected to Smart's 5G or 4G network. You can enjoy unlimited browsing, streaming, and downloads even on a 4G phone.

If you have access to a strong 5G signal and a 5G-capable phone, UNLI 5G DATA WITH EXTRA 4G can be a good choice for you.

For users with 4G phones or those who live in areas without 5G coverage, UNLI 5G WITH NON-STOP DATA is the better option for unlimited data on your mobile device.

By reading this blog, you will understand how the smart Unli 5G Data promo works on 4G devices. This will help you choose the right Unli Data promo for better internet connection usage.

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