GOMO Bypass 5MBPS Speed: Avoid Getting SIM Block

Many GOMO users feel the 5mbps speed limit isn't enough for its Unli Data promo. Some even do tricks to bypass it and reach speeds of 50mbps or higher. But is bypassing GOMO's speed cap safe? Can your SIM get blocked by doing this trick? 

Why Bypassing GOMO's 5mbps is Bad?

GOMO's terms of service are clear: bypassing data speed limits is strictly prohibited.  They categorize it under "Unauthorized Activities" and "Illegal Activities."  Trying to exceed the 5mbps limit of your GOMO Unli Data could result in your SIM getting blocked and deactivated without warning.

What Happens if GOMO SIM is Blocked?

So if you tried a trick to bypass the 5mbps internet speed limit and now you're worried that your GOMO SIM might be blocked, Here's what you need to know:
  • No Data Connection: If you're unable to connect to the internet, it's possibly that your SIM card has been blocked.
  • Calls and Texts Don't Work: If you can't make calls or send text messages, it's also a sign that your SIM is blocked.
  • No Signal: In some cases, a blocked or deactivated SIM might not show any signal on your phone.

The best thing to do to avoid getting your SIM blocked is to stick with GOMO's 5mbps speed limit. If you really need faster internet, you could use different GOMO promos or try Unli Data Promos of other networks.

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