How to Transfer Money From HelloMoney to GCash

Are you searching for how to transfer money from your HelloMoney by AUB to GCash? Don't worry, because here's a really easy guide that will help you send your money.

Transfer Money From HelloMoney by AUB to GCash

1. Open your HelloMoney app and login your account.

2. Select the TRANSFER MONEY button.

3. Fill in the important details:
  • Destination Bank Name: G-XCHANGE/GCASH
  • Destination Account No.: Enter the GCash number where you want to send the money.
  • Destination Account Name: Input the receiver's GCash name.
  • Amount: Enter the amount that you want to transfer.
  • Purpose: Optional
  • Remarks: Optional

4. Click CONTINUE and review the details if correct then click CONFIRM.

5. Enter your HelloMoney password to complete the transaction.

6. Once the transaction is complete, the money from HelloMoney by AUB will be successfully sent to GCash.

How Much is Minimum and Maximum Transfer from HelloMoney to GCash?

The minimum amount that you can transfer is 1 Peso, while the maximum amount is 50,000 Pesos per transaction.

HelloMoney by AUB to GCash Transfer fee

HelloMoney to GCash transfers use InstaPay and charge 8 Pesos for every successful transaction.


By following these easy steps, you can easily send money from HelloMoney by AUB to GCash without encountering any problems.

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