How to Register FB15 in TNT | Facebook 15 Promo

Facebook 15 or FB15 promo is a really affordable promo for TNT users that are on a budget but want to access Facebook, but how to register FB15? Can you register TNT FB15 via text?

TNT FB15 Promo Description:

  • Data: 1Gb mobile data for Facebook/Messenger 
  • Validity: 3 Days
  • Price: 15 Pesos

How to Register TNT FB15 via *123#

1. Dial *123#.
2. Choose ALLNET:FB:OTH.
3. Select FB, ML, FB+Chat.
4. Choose FB.
5. Select 1GB, 3 Days, P15.
5. Subscribe to activate the promo.

How to Register TNT FB15 via Smart App

1. Open your Smart App (formerly Gigalife App)
3. Choose FB.
4. Select FB15.
5. Click Subscribe.

That's it. By following this easy tutorial, you can quickly register the Facebook 15 promo on your TNT SIM.

Can You Register FB15 in TNT via Text?

Unfortunately, you cannot register the FB15 promo via SMS; it is only accessible via the USSD dial *123# and the Smart App.

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