How to Upgrade TM SIM to 4G/5G - Philippines

If you are still using the old TM SIM card 3g, maybe it's time to upgrade your TM SIM card to 4G/5G for a faster internet connection.

NOTE: If your current TM SIM card supports 4G/LTE, it will also operate with 5G. The only thing you'll need to do is switch your mobile device to one that supports 5G.

Make sure to get these requirements before going to the Globe Store:
  • Old TM SIM card
  • Valid ID

STEP 1: Go to any Globe Store near you. 

STEP 2: Inform the staff that you want to replace your old TM SIM card.

STEP 3: Give your OLD TM SIM card and present your valid ID for identification.

STEP 4: Fill out the form.

STEP 5: After the process is complete, the staff will give you your new 5G TM SIM card.

How to check if TM SIM card is 4G/5G capable?

Just text SIM CHECK to 8080 and you will receive SMS confirmation.


By following these the simple instructions, you can easily upgrade your old TM SIM card to 5G and enjoy a faster 5G internet connection.  

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