How to Load SATLITE TV using TPC via Text Tutorial

TPC is a popular loading business service that allows you to reload your SATLITE TV account number through text message (SMS). In this blog post, you will learn step-by-step how to load SATLITE TV number so you can get back to watching your favorite TV shows.


These are the SATLITE TV load codes that can be used to continue loading SATLITE TV with TPC via text or SMS:
  • SAT99
  • SAT149
  • SAT199
  • SAT299
  • SAT499

Step 1: Buy SATLITE PIN code

The first step is to purchase a SATLITE code pin using your mobile number.

MOBILE NUMBER<space>SATLITE CODE send to gateway 

09987654321 SAT99 send to 8724

Step 2: Activate the SATLITE load via text

Once you receive the SATLITE PIN, copy the PIN, you can now activate the SATLITE load promo via text.

SATLITE<space>PIN<space>SATLITE Account Number send to 5353

SATLITE 57054563811043 83297536 send to 5353

Note: Standard SMS rates apply

Step 3: Wait for the Load Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation message once your SATLITE load has been successfully activated. It may take 5 to 15 minutes for the load to reflect.

Reloading your SATLITE TV subscription with TPC Loader is a quick and easy process. With just a few text messages, you can be back to enjoying your favorite channels in no time.

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