How to Use GOMO SIM Internationally: A Guide for Filipinos

If you're a Filipino traveler who wants to stay connected while abroad, you might be wondering if you can use your GOMO SIM internationally. The answer is yes, you can! GOMO is a digital telco that offers flexible and affordable data promos for both local and international use.

What is GOMO Roam?

GOMO Roam is a service that lets you use your GOMO SIM in over 160 destinations around the world. You can enjoy mobile data promos with different validity periods, from 3 days to 15 days, depending on your travel needs.

How to Avail of GOMO Roam?

To avail of GOMO Roam, you need to have a GOMO SIM and enough load balance in your account. You can buy a GOMO SIM online or at selected partner stores. You can also top up your load using the GOMO app, GCash, Maya, or other payment options.

GOMO Roam is the perfect companion for Filipino travelers who want to stay online and explore the world. Whether you're traveling to Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, or any other country, you can use your GOMO SIM internationally with ease and convenience. To learn more about GOMO Roam and other GOMO services, visit today!

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