How to call other network using DITO SIM - Philippines

If you are a DITO subscriber, you might be wondering how to call other networks like Smart, TNT, Globe, TM, and GOMO users using your SIM card. However, since it is still expanding its coverage and infrastructure, some users may encounter issues when calling other networks.

How to Call Other Networks Using DITO SIM Network

To call other networks using your Dito SIM, you just need to direct call their mobile numbers. But before calling, you just need to remember and do these things to enable DITO calling:
  • Your mobile device must be compatible with VoLTE or 5G.
  • Set up the default APN Settings for DITO Network.
  • Have enough load or promo to be able to call other networks.

If you follow the instructions above, calling other network users with your DITO SIM card will be easier and faster.

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