Is it Possible to Extend Load Promo in Smart?

If you are a Smart subscriber, you might be wondering if you can extend your load promo before it expires. Maybe you still have some unused data, calls, or texts that you don't want to waste. Or maybe you just want to enjoy your promo benefits for a longer period of time.

How to Extend Your Active Smart Promo

Unfortunately, Smart Communications does not offer any promo that can extend the active promo. This means that you cannot add more days to your current promo validity. However, there is a way to extend your active Smart Promo. You only need to register the same type of promo to extend the validation of your registered promo.

Register the Same Type of Promo

For example: if you already have GIGA promo, you can register another GIGA promo to extend the expiration. This will add the remaining data, calls, or texts of your current promo to the new one.

To register the same type of promo, you can use the Smart App, dial *123#, or use the Smart App. Make sure that you have enough load balance to register the new promo. You can also use Maya or GCash to buy load online.

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