What is your expectation to your subject teacher? Essay Answer

As a student, I have some expectations to my subject teacher that I hope will be met. These expectations are not only for my academic benefit, but also for my personal growth and development. In this essay, I will discuss some of the things that I expect from my subject teacher and why they are important to me.

Knowledge and Passion

I expect my subject teacher to be knowledgeable and passionate about the subject they teach. They should be able to explain the concepts clearly and provide relevant examples and applications. They should also be updated on the latest trends and developments in their field and share them with us. 

This way, I can learn more about the subject and its significance in the real world. I also appreciate when my subject teacher shows enthusiasm and interest in the subject, as it makes me more curious and motivated to learn.

Respect and Fairness

I expect my subject teacher to be respectful and fair to all students. They should treat us with dignity and kindness, regardless of our backgrounds, abilities, or opinions. They should also be impartial and objective in their grading and feedback, and avoid favoritism or bias. 

This way, I can feel valued and respected as a learner and a person. I also trust that my subject teacher will evaluate my work fairly and honestly, and help me improve my performance.

Support and Encouragement

I expect my subject teacher to be supportive and encouraging to our learning. They should motivate us to do our best and challenge us to improve our skills and knowledge. They should also provide us with constructive criticism and guidance, and help us overcome our difficulties and doubts. 

This way, I can feel confident and inspired to achieve my goals and potential. I also appreciate when my subject teacher recognizes my efforts and achievements, and celebrates them with me.

Approachability and Accessibility

I expect my subject teacher to be approachable and accessible to us. They should be open to our questions, suggestions, and feedback, and respond to them promptly and politely. They should also be available for consultation and assistance, either in person or online, whenever we need them. 

This way, I can feel comfortable and welcome to communicate with my subject teacher and seek their help. I also value when my subject teacher listens to me attentively and empathetically, and understands my needs and concerns.

Creativity and Innovation

I expect my subject teacher to be creative and innovative in their teaching methods. They should use a variety of strategies and tools to make the lessons engaging and interactive. They should also adapt their teaching style to suit the different needs and preferences of the students. 

This way, I can enjoy learning more and discover new ways of thinking and doing things. I also benefit from when my subject teacher exposes me to different perspectives and experiences, and encourages me to explore my own creativity.


These are some of the expectations that I have for my subject teacher. I believe that these expectations are reasonable and realistic, as they reflect the qualities of a good teacher. I also think that these expectations are beneficial for both me as a student, as well as for my subject teacher as a professional. 

By meeting these expectations, we can have a positive and productive relationship that fosters learning, growth, and development.

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