Question: How to Stop Home Credit from Calling - Philippines

Many customers complained because Home Credit would not stop contacting them, even after they told them not to call their numbers. What can you do to stop Home Credit from calling you?

Ways to Stop Home Credit from Calling:

1. Blacklist the Numbers

This is the simplest and most effective solution. Most phones allow you to add specific numbers to a blacklist, preventing them from reaching you ever again. Find the Home Credit numbers in your call log and add them to your blacklist.

2. Turn ON the Reject Unknown Numbers

Many smartphones have a built-in "Reject Unknown Numbers" feature. When activated, this feature automatically blocks calls from numbers not saved in your contacts. While it might miss some important calls, it's a useful feature against persistent unwanted callers like Home Credit.

You may successfully stop Home Credit's annoying calls and take back control of your mobile experience by following the advice above and making the most of your phone's capabilities.

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