Converge Forgot Username and Password: What to do?

What should you do when you can't access the admin of your Converge Wifi? Here I will show you how to fix this problem by resetting your Converge Wifi to be able to access your Converge router modem again.

Reset Converge Router Tutorial

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Step 1: Find the reset button:

Navigate through your Converge router to find the reset button. It's located at the back or the side of your router modem.

Step 2: Press and hold the reset button:

Get a phone eject pin, a hair pin, or a paper clip that can fit through the small hole, then press and hold for at least 15-20 seconds.

Step 3: Wait for the router to restart:

Wait for your Converge WiFi to restart; the lights will blink when it is restarting.

Step 4: Reconfigure your Converge Wifi:

After your Converge wifi has restarted, you can now connect to your wifi with the default password, and after connecting to your wifi, you may now be able to access the admin using the default username and password.

Resetting your Converge router is easy to do, but remember that resetting your wifi will erase all of your custom settings and return the router to its factory defaults.

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