How to Check Data Balance in Smart in 2 Ways - Philippines

Staying connected with Smart in the Philippines is easy, but keeping track of your data balance can be a sneaky task. No worries, fellow ka-Smart! Here's your quick guide to checking your data in just two ways:

2 Ways to Check Data Balance in SMART

1. Via *123#

The easiest way to check your data balance is by dialing *123# > select Bal:Svcs.

2. Using Smart App - GIGA Life App

Download the Smart App (available on App Store and Google Play). With the Smart App you can monitor your data and load to promos and bill payments, it's a one-stop shop for all your Smart needs.

So there you have it! Two quick and convenient ways to check your Smart data balance, keeping you browsing, streaming, and chatting without a hitch. Go forth and conquer the online world, ka-Smart!

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