Free Load in Talk N Text - TNT Philippines

It might be expensive to keep the mobile load consistent. Thankfully, there are methods available in Talk N Text (TNT) Philippines for getting free load.

Shareit App - Get free Load for TNT

The ShareIt app is a popular file-sharing platform that also offers exciting rewards, including free load for TNT users. By engaging in simple activities within the app, you can earn free coins that can be redeemed for mobile data packages or converted into load for your TNT SIM card.

How to get Free Load with share it App:

  • Daily Check in Shareit App
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Invite more to use Shareit App

Shareit referral Code - PH2vNRYB9c

Use the referral code PH2vNRYB9c when signing up for ShareIt. This code will grant you additional free coins.

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