How to Load Smart Rocket SIM Without Gigalife - Smart App

There are some users who don't link their Smart Rocket SIM number to the Smart App (formerly Gigalife), which makes it hard for them to reload their Smart Rocket SIM. Then how do we load the Smart Rocket SIM card without the Smart App?

How to Load Rocket SIM Without Gigalife (Smart App)

These are the alternative ways to reload your Smart Rocket SIM without the Smart App (formerly Gigalife App):

1. Using GCash and MAYA App

Yes, e-wallets like GCash and Maya can be used to load and register promos on your Smart Rocket sim.

How to Reload Using GCash and MAYA App:

  1. Open the Maya or GCash app and select the Buy Load or Load icon.
  2. Select SMART and enter your Smart Rocket SIM number.
  3. Choose your preferred promo for your Smart Rocket SIM, then pay the load promo.

2. Transferring The SIM to Phone

Some users tend to transfer their Smart Rocket SIM from their modem to their smartphone to be able to load and register their promo on their SIM.

How to Transfer and Reload Your Smart Rocket SIM:

  1. Take the Smart Rocket SIM card out of your modem router and insert it into your smartphone.
  2. Load your SIM number, then register your preferred data promo with your smartphone.

Simply follow these easy steps to easily reload your Smart Rocket SIM without using the Smart App (formerly Gigalife).

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