Question: Can Globe, Smart, TNT, TM Call DITO SIM?

Calling DITO SIM from networks like Globe, TM, Smart, and TNT is giving a lot of people trouble. Does the new DITO SIM card work with calls from other networks?

Can Users of Globe, Smart, TNT, TM Call DITO SIM?

The simple answer is YES, users of Globe, TM, Smart, and TNT can indeed call DITO SIM. However, the user of these networks must be using a device that is VoLTE (Voice over LTE) compatible. 

If you're using Globe, TM, Smart, or TNT and need to connect with someone who has a DITO SIM, you must make sure that your phone supports VoLTE. Most new smartphones have VoLTE, but some older smartphones don't.

Why VOLTE Compatibility Matters

DITO SIM's services operate on 4G LTE technology. All devices used by the caller and the person receiving the call must be VoLTE compatible in order to ensure a reliable connection across multiple networks. 

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