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Are you having had difficulty getting your SIM card registered in the Philippines because you don't have a valid ID? With the new SIM Registration Act, users will be protected from the growing number scam texts. If you don't have a government-issued ID, don't worry. Follow this guide to successfully register your SIM card and keep using its services.

Can You Register Your SIM Card without a Valid ID?

The short answer is yes! The SIM Registration Act in the Philippines provides alternatives for individuals who don't have a government-issued ID. Here's how you can do it:

1. Using Your Student ID

Students can register their SIM card with their school ID. This is an easy choice because most students have their school IDs with them. This is an easy way to register SIM Card for minors and students.

2. Registering Under Your Parents or Guardians

Another option is to register your SIM card under your parents' or guardians' name using their valid ID. This method is especially useful for minors who might not have their own valid identification yet. Your parents or guardians can act as the legal owners of the SIM card on your behalf.


You may register your SIM card in the Philippines even if you don't have a government-issued ID. While some choose to register under the name of a parent or guardian, minors may use their Student IDs. These easy actions will allow you to keep using your SIM card without any problems and yet be in compliance with the SIM Registration Act.

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