Is A Power Philippines Legit? Investment Scam

A POWER PH (, also known as APOWER POWER BANK, is an investment platform that claims to offer lucrative opportunities for investors. On their website and mobile application, they entice potential investors with promises of high returns and a variety of investment options. According to their pitch, investors can get started by registering and then selecting from fifteen different types of Advertising Charging Stations, with investment amounts ranging from ₱500.00 to ₱1,000,000. These investments are said to be valid for a period ranging from 3 days to 80 days.

The Promise of Profits

One of the main selling points of APOWER PH is the potential for substantial profits. They claim that investors can earn anywhere from ₱12 to an astonishing ₱120,000 daily, or from ₱300 to ₱3,600,000 monthly. Additionally, investors are promised a 10% commission on recharges and a commission ranging from 10% to 30% on product sales.

Scam: A Power Ph - A Power Philippines

While the promises made by APOWER PH may sound enticing, there are significant red flags that have raised concerns among financial experts and regulatory authorities.
One of the most troubling aspects of APOWER PH is the allegation that it operates as a "Ponzi scheme." In a Ponzi scheme, returns to earlier investors are paid using the capital of new investors, creating a false appearance of a profitable enterprise. This unsustainable model eventually collapses when there are not enough new investors to pay returns to earlier participants.

Critics argue that APOWER PH primarily benefits its top recruiters and those who take early risks in the scheme. This means that while some may see returns, others are left to bear the brunt of losses when the system inevitably falters.

Lack of Transparency

APOWER PH's business model and financial operations are shrouded in secrecy. The lack of transparency makes it challenging for investors to understand how their money is being used and what risks they are truly exposed to.

A Cautionary Note

In light of these concerns and allegations, it is crucial for the public to exercise caution when considering investment opportunities like APOWER PH. Investing in schemes with questionable legality and sustainability can lead to financial ruin and disappointment.


Investing is a vital component of financial growth and security. However, it's essential to approach investment opportunities with discernment and skepticism, especially when confronted with promises that seem too good to be true. APOWER PH's alleged "Ponzi scheme" structure and lack of transparency should serve as a stark warning to potential investors. It's advisable to steer clear of this investment platform and explore more legitimate and transparent investment opportunities.

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