How to Borrow Load in DITO SIM - Utang Load Assist

If you're a DITO subscriber, you're in luck because DITO has introduced a convenient solution called "DITO Load Assist." This service allows you to borrow load or data packages when you run out of data or balance. In this article, we'll walk you through how to avail DITO Load Assist and ensure you stay connected at all times.

What is DITO Load Assist?

DITO Load Assist is a lifesaver for DITO customers who have run out of data or load. It gives you a quick and easy way to borrow load so you can keep the connection going without any problems.

How to Avail DITO Load Assist - Utang Load

DITO makes it easy for you to access Load Assist with two convenient options:

Option 1: Via DITO No Data No Credit Captive Portal

  1. If you're a qualified subscriber with zero mobile data, DITO will automatically redirect you to the DITO No Data No Credit Captive Portal.
  2. On this portal, you can choose what kind of load you want to borrow. Whether it's a small amount or a bigger package .

Option 2: Via Facebook Free Mode

If you're using Facebook Free Mode and need to borrow load, follow these simple steps:
  1. While in Facebook Free Mode, select the "SEE ALL PHOTOS" option.
  2. Click on "GET LOAN" to initiate the load borrowing process.
  3. After selecting "GET LOAN," confirm your DITO Load Assist loan availment by selecting "CONFIRM." This step ensures that you receive the load you need.

DITO has provided an easy way for subscribers to borrow load and stay connected. To access more detailed information about DITO Load Assist, visit DITO's official Load Assist page.


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