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What is Magic Data Promo?

The Magic Data Load Promo is a mobile data offer that has no expiration date. Unlike traditional data promos that come with a validity period, the Magic Data promo allows users to enjoy their data until it is fully consumed, regardless of how long it has been since the promo registration.

The Magic Data Load Promo is considered to be a bit more costly than other mobile data promos. Not having an expiration date is the reason why it's pricey, but it might not be the best option for people who need a lot of mobile data on a regular basis. 

Who Should use Magic Data Promo

  • Backup Internet Users: Have WiFi at home but always experiencing power outages? Magic Data might good as backup internet use.
  • For Outside Use: If you mainly use WiFi at home, Magic Data is good promo when you need an internet connection outside, so you won't have to register every time you go out.

Who Should NOT Use Magic Data Promo

  • Heavy Internet Users: If you are a heavy internet user, it would be better to use other data promos that offer larger data allocations since the Magic Data promo has less mobile data.

Magic Data Promo Pricing Sample

Here's a simple comparison of several promos that has Magic Data offer:
  • GOMO ₱399 No Expiry Promo
    • 30GB mobile data
    • No expiry
    • ₱399
  • SMART Magic Data 399
    • 24GB mobile data
    • No expiry
    • ₱399


In conclusion, Magic Data is great for those who want mobile data that never expires, even if it's a bit less data for the price. But if you use more mobile data, you might find other promos.

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