Do I Need to Register GOMO SIM? Philippines

The SIM registration act is a government regulation that requires mobile service providers to collect personal information from their subscribers. This information includes the user's name, address, and valid identification details. The aim of this act is to prevent the misuse of SIM cards for illegal activities such as fraud, identity theft, and terrorism.

Do I Need to Register GOMO SIM?

In the Philippines, the implementation of the SIM registration act requires all GOMO users to register their new or old GOMO SIM cards with their personal information. Failure to comply with this registration process may result in the permanent deactivation of the GOMO SIM card. So, the quick answer is yes, you need to register your GOMO SIM to avoid deactivation.


In conclusion, registering your GOMO SIM is essential to avoid deactivation and maintain uninterrupted mobile services. By complying with the SIM registration act, you protect your personal information, contribute to a safer digital environment, and ensure the continued functionality of your GOMO SIM card. Don't forget to register your GOMO SIM today to stay connected hassle-free.

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