Philippines: Bakit Sinisindihan Ang Gin o Alak? with lighter

Alcohol, like gin or drinks, are often set on fire in the Philippines. This is a very common thing to do. This interesting method raises the question: why do people set liquor ablaze? In this article, we'll look into why this happens and find out the secrets behind the flames on our drinks.

Why is alcohol set on fire?

Flavor Enhancement

One of the primary reasons for setting the alcohol on fire is to enhance the flavor of the drink. When alcohol burns, it releases heat and vaporizes some of the liquid content, thereby condensing the flavors and intensifying the taste. By lowering the liquid volume, the remaining liquid becomes more concentrated, resulting in a richer and deeper flavor profile.


Setting alcohol on fire is not just about making it taste better, it's also a pretty cool show that grabs your attention and keeps you entertained. The flames are flickering and the warm glow is creating a super cool vibe, making the drink look even better. People just love fire! It can make any get-together more fun and interesting. A flaming drink is the bomb! It totally becomes the centerpiece and gets everyone talking. Plus, it makes for some seriously unforgettable moments.


In conclusion, the practice of lighting alcoholic drinks on fire in the Philippines and other parts of the world has both functional and presentation purposes. By burning the alcohol, the flavors in the drink become more condensed and concentrated, resulting in a richer taste. Additionally, the spectacle of a flaming drink can add an exciting and even romantic element to social gatherings. However, it is important to always exercise caution and follow proper safety measures when handling fire and alcohol.

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