How Much Starlink Monthly Cost in the Philippines

The Starlink satellite internet service is making waves in the tech world because it claims to give people in remote areas access to high-speed, reliable internet. But in the Philippines, how much does it cost to use this service?

Philippines - Starlink Monthly Subscription Price

Pinoys who are interested in Starlink can enjoy high-speed internet by paying a one-time hardware fee of P29,320. Great news! The Starlink kit comes with everything you need, including the dish, a Wi-Fi router, cables, and a mounting tripod. 

Apart from the hardware fee, it is required of the subscribers to pay a monthly service charge of P2,700

Is Starlink Worth the Cost?

The answer to this question depends on your specific situation. If you live in an area with slow or unreliable internet, or if you live in a remote area where traditional internet service providers cannot reach, then Starlink may be worth the investment.

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