Fix "You Have Entered an Inactive Number" Error on DITO

If you recently purchased a new DITO SIM card and encountered the error message "You have entered an inactive number" when trying to register and activate it, don't worry. This is a common issue that can easily be resolved by following a few simple steps. 

In this article, we will guide you on how to fix the "You have entered an inactive number" error and activate your new DITO SIM card.

Why am I getting the "You have entered an inactive number" error on DITO SIM card?

Before we proceed with the solution, let's first understand why you are getting this error message. With the recent implementation of the SIM card registration Act in the Philippines, the old way of activating DITO SIM cards by inserting it on your smartphone and receiving a welcome message with your initial password no longer works.

Now, to activate your DITO SIM card, you need to register it first using the DITO app. If you skip this step and attempt to sign in or request for an OTP via SMS, you will receive the "You have entered an inactive number" error message.

Steps on How to Register your New DITO SIM card and fix the error message:

Step 1: Download and install the DITO App

The first step is to download and install the DITO app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Click on the "REGISTER HERE" banner

Once you have installed the app, click on the "REGISTER HERE" banner on the app's homepage.

Step 3: Fill in your Customer Information

On the DITO SIM Card Registration page, fill in your Customer Information, including your Identity Type, Mobile Number, First Name, Middle Name, Surname, Date of Birth, House Number, Street, Province, City, Barangay, and Zip Code.

Step 4: Attach a valid government ID

Under Identification Card, attach one valid government ID image from your phone's gallery.

Step 5: Upload your selfie photo holding the valid ID

Under User Photo, upload a selfie photo of yourself holding the valid ID from your phone's gallery.

Step 6: Get the OTP

Tap the "GET OTP" button after completing the Mobile Number Verification to receive a One-Time Password.

Step 7: Input the OTP number and agree to the declarations

Input the OTP number, scroll down, and tick the boxes declaring that the information you have entered is true and correct, as well as the DITO's Data Privacy Statement.

Step 8: Submit and activate your DITO SIM card

Finally, click the "SUBMIT" button to activate your new DITO SIM card and complete the registration process.

Congratulations! Your new DITO SIM card is now active, and you can start enjoying call, text, and data freebies from DITO.


Fixing the "You have entered an inactive number" error on your DITO SIM card is a simple process that can be done by registering your new SIM card using the DITO app. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily activate your new SIM card and enjoy the benefits of being a DITO subscriber.


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