How to Register FB10 in TNT via Text: is still available?

If you use TNT and tried to register for the FB10 promo through text, you might have found some an error. In this article, we'll answer the query: "Is it still possible to register for FB10 via text on TNT?" and give you detailed instructions on how to register for FB10 on TNT.

Is It Possible to Register FB10 in TNT via Text?

In the past, users could easily register for the FB10 promo by texting FB10 to 4545. However, this feature is no longer available. If you try to register this way, TNT will respond with the message "This keyword is no longer valid. You can find it on *123# and go to Other Offers > FB to subscribe. It's FREE and Easy!"

While FB10 registration via text is no longer available, you can still easily subscribe to this promo via *123#. With affordable Facebook data and a decent validity period, FB10 is definitely worth considering if you're a TNT user in need of Facebook data.

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