Can You Convert Shopee Coins to GCash or Cash?

Shopee Coins are a type of virtual currency that can be used on the Shopee platform. Shopee Coins can be earned in many ways, such as by checking in every day, playing games, and shopping. Shopee Coins can be used to pay for things on the Shopee App. 1 Peso is equal to 1 Shopee Coins

Can Shopee Coins be converted to GCash or cash?

According to Shopee's official website, Shopee Coins cannot be converted to GCash or cash. This means that users cannot cash out their Shopee Coins and receive real money in return. While there are third-party websites and services claiming to offer such a service, they are not endorsed by Shopee and are considered fraudulent.

How to use Shopee Coins?

Shopee Coins can't be turned into real money, so the main thing you can do with them is use them to pay for things on the Shopee app. Shopee Coins can be used instead of cash or other payment methods to pay for purchases.


In summary, the Shopee website says that Shopee Coins can't be changed into GCash or cash. There may be third-party services that say they can do this, but Shopee doesn't back them, so you should stay away from them. Shopee Coins are mostly used to reduce the price of purchases made on the platform or to take part in promotions.

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