Typing Sensei (www.typingsensei.com) Website Closed?

Typing Sensei (www.typingsensei.com), a popular online platform that claimed to help users test and improve their typing skills while potentially earning money, has closed down its website. The closure has left many users wondering what happened and why the site is no longer available. In this article, we'll explore the possible reasons behind Typing Sensei's website closure.

Typing Sensei Closure

According to an announcement on the company's Facebook page, Typing Sensei's website is temporarily closed due to the need for "more strategic planning and better implementations." The team cited complaints from users who were not satisfied with recent changes and implementations made to the site to prevent abuse and misuse. In response to these complaints, the team decided to shut down the site temporarily to make the necessary improvements.

The decision to close the site was not taken lightly by the Typing Sensei team. In their Facebook announcement, the team expressed their gratitude towards their loyal users and supporters for their continued support.

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