How to Load SATLITE TV Using Smart Retailer SIM - Loader SIM

SatLite TV powered by Cignal has become a popular way for people in the Philippines to watch a wide range of TV shows from all over the world. Users must load their SatLite TV in order to use this service. In this article, we will talk about how to use a Smart Retailer SIM, also called a Loader SIM, to load SatLite TV.

How to Load SatLite TV Using Smart Retailer SIM

Step 1. Using your Retailer SIM or Reloader SIM, Just text <SatLite Load Promo Keyword> <space> <SatLite Account Number> then send to 3443.

ExampleSL199 57091625 send to 3443

SatLite Load Promo Keyword:

Step 2. Wait for the Load confirmation. You can now enjoy watching your favorite TV channel.

Loading SATLITE TV via *343#

*343# USSD dial code can also be used to load SatLite just follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Dial *343#
Step 2: Choose Partners > Cignal > SatLite
Step 3: Enter the SatLite Account Number
Step 4: Choose the desired SatLite Promo.
Step 5: Confirm the load, then wait for the text confirmation.

Loading your SatLite TV using a Smart retailer SIM or Reloader SIM is a simple and convenient process. By following these easy steps and choosing the SatLite Load Package, you can enjoy and continue watching your favorite TV channel.

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