Converge Disconnection Due to NON Payment

In the busy world we live in now, it's easy to forget to pay bills on time. But if you use Converge ICT Solutions Inc services, it's important to remember that paying your bills on time is very important if you want to keep using their network.

How Many Days Before Converge Disconnection

30 Days. According to Converge ICT Solutions Inc.'s Service Terms & Conditions, there is a clear and simple policy in place for subscribers who don't pay their bills. If a subscriber misses a payment in 30 days, the company will cut off their service. But the disconnection will only be temporary.

How Long Does Converge Reconnection After Payment

If a subscriber makes a payment and it is processed and posted on the company's system, the reconnection of the service will be automatic. This means that you won't have to wait long to get back online once you have taken care of your outstanding balance.

Converge Late Payment Penalty

According to the Terms and Condition of Sale - Converge. If you miss a payment, you'll find yourself disconnected from the network. While this is inconvenient, there's another consequence of late payment that you should be aware of: the late payment penalty. Converge has a policy in place that adds a finance charge of 1.5% per month to all invoices that are not paid within the specified terms.

Don't worry if you get disconnected from Converge's services because you forgot to pay. By paying off your outstanding balance and making sure you pay your bills on time, you can avoid being in this situation.

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