Smart Rocket SIM vs Regular SIM - What is The Difference?

Are you are planning to buy a new SIM card? And you're not sure whether you're going to buy the Smart Rocket SIM or just the regular Smart Prepaid SIM card.

Smart Rocket Sim vs Prepaid Sim Card

For a simple answer, there isn't much difference between a Smart Rocket SIM card and a regular Smart Prepaid SIM card. These two types of SIM cards are almost the same.


The Smart Rocket SIM card is more expensive than a regular SIM card because it comes with mobile data promotions and the regular SIM card is cheaper because it only comes with free mobile data.

Internet Speed

Smart Communications says that the Smart Rocket SIM is more faster in speed of internet connection, but upon some research that I did and the videos of YouTubers they test the speed of Smart Rocket SIM and the Smart Regular/Prepaid SIM and their speed of internet connection are not far apart. This means that their internet speed is nearly the same.


The promos of Smart Rocket SIM and the regular Prepaid SIM are the same, you can avail the promos in the GigaLife App.

In conclusion, there isn't a big difference between Smart Rocket SIMs and regular Smart Prepaid SIMs. I would just recommend a Smart Rocket SIM for modems or pocket wifi's.


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